Earth Systems

About Us

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Our Story

Earth Systems is an environmental consulting and engineering firm established in 1999 by Geoff Beardall, Sam Pratt, and Rick Ofsanko in Jacksonville, Florida. For 22 years, the firm has provided turnkey groundwater and soil assessment and cleanup services at facilities impacted by hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. We are committed to delivering successful outcomes through cost-effective and efficient services.

More About Us

Due to our strong ethical values and innovative approach, Earth Systems have been Hess Corporation’s environmental consultant since 2000, an FDEP Bureau of Petroleum Storage Systems Contractor since 2004, and an FDEP Bureau of Waste Cleanup Contractor since 2011. Moreover, our successful progress has enabled us to open eight offices nationwide.

Recently, Earth Systems was awarded contracts with Whiting Petroleum Corporation, Hess Exploration & Production, XTO Energy, Pioneer Natural Resources, and Andeavor Petroleum Refining for environmental support in the oil fields of North Dakota, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico.  

Together with trust, commitment, quality, innovation & sustainability, we aim to drive the vehicle that propels our company forward!


What We Offer

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We Understand Requirements

Whether it considers building energy management, optimizing energy transition, or overall energy efficiency management.

We Work Precisely ​

Start intelligent energy management for demand response, smart grid, micro-grid, STOR, capacity market, peak shaving, load balancing, or electric vehicle charging.

We Deliver Best Output​

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We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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