Earth Systems


Thank you for visiting our site! We understand that choosing a place to start a career or to continue to grow in an already successful profession is a difficult decision. Expressed simply, our organizational attitude is to work hard and to treat people with respect and dignity. For those reasons and/or what you read in our “Why Join Us” section appeals to you and you have the relevant training or experience, submit your cover letter and resume to our HR Department

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Are you an Environmental Consultant? Do you have experience with the industry? Are you a Project Manager, Scientist, Geologist or an Environmental Engineer? We are always looking for the right fit, so please submit your resume as stated above. Remember to let us know what office you are applying to.

Why Join Us?

Employee happiness is an essential consideration of ours. We understand there are many recipes for daily job satisfaction and for long term career contentment including recognition, respect, individual growth, fairness, compatible co-workers, and harmony with the company’s purpose. With that in mind, the following are some attributes and values of Earth Systems that would make you happy with our organization:

  • Working with others for mutual benefit will take you farther than you will go alone. We discuss and critique ideas in a harmonious group, which helps refine the ideas and you. If you hang around with ambitious, optimistic, persistent people like us, you will strive to be likewise.
  • We stand for something beyond just profit. We want to be the best at what we do as measured by the number of good things our clients say about us. Working to earn the respect and trust of clients is more rewarding and fun than working to meet budgets and deadlines.
  • We are growing and thriving and have a great reputation.
  • We are not trying to fool you into helping only our dreams come true. We are trying to make a balanced deal that benefits you and us.
  • We give all employees a stake in the company’s success in the form of bonuses tied to performance. If the company does well, employees who contributed should share in the success.


In addition to a great work environment, as an employee of Earth Systems, you will receive above average compensation, including salary, merit bonuses, generous sales commissions (position dependent).

Other benefits include:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance with minimal employee contribution
  • An amazing variety of Ancillary Benefits to choose from
  • Company Paid Time Off (PTO), Holidays, and a Floating Holiday
  • Tuition reimbursement (position dependent)
  • Retirement savings plan with matching contributions (401K)
  • A comprehensive Health and Safety program to help prevent incidents and protect staff from injuries, illness, and accidents.
  • Amazing Company Culture