Earth Systems

Rick Ofsanko

Founder/Principal Owner

Rick Ofsanko is one of the founding partners of Earth Systems and currently serves as the firm’s Chief Strategy Officer. Earth Systems enjoyed many years of slow steady growth from its infancy in 1999 but in recent years due to market conditions and blossoming client relationships, has grown both organically and through acquisition. In the capacity of CSO, Rick is actively engaged in most of the firm’s client relationships that span from national upstream to downstream oil and gas clients to local commercial developers, while also pursuing strategic partners to help fuel the company’s acquisitive growth.Mr. Ofsanko brings significant leadership, finance, and client management experience to the Company. Mr. Ofsanko has served as the Portfolio Manager for Earth Systems’ primary oil/gas client and several multimillion-dollar contracts for commercial and industrial clients. Organizational responsibilities continue to range from portfolio and project support externally to human resource and comptroller management internally. Mr. Ofsanko received his Environmental Science degree from Allegheny College and minor in Marine Science from Duke University.

Sam Pratt, P.G.

Founder/Principal Owner

Sam Pratt is one of the founding partners of Earth Systems and currently serves as the firm’s Chief Operations Officer. In this capacity, he oversees Earth Systems’ ten offices to ensure adoption and implementation of corporate Standard Operation Procedures (both technical and administrative), while forging strategic partnerships with clients and vendors. Mr. Pratt brings significant leadership and management experience to the Company. Since Earth Systems’ founding in 1999, Mr. Pratt has served as the Program Manager for several multimillion-dollar contracts for commercial, industrial and government clients. As a Program Manager, his responsibilities included serving as a technical lead (as a licensed geologist); providing budgeting, forecasting and resource allocation to meet internal and client demands, while spearheading the development and implementation of cost effective and innovative assessment and remedial strategies. Mr. Pratt began his career as an environmental geologist for Halliburton. After working on a multi-state EPA Superfund contract based in Atlanta, GA, Mr. Pratt assisted the firm in the establishment and growth of several offices in Florida (Clearwater, Deerfield Beach, Jacksonville). Mr. Pratt received his Geology degree from Vanderbilt University. He is a licensed geologist in the State of Florida.