Earth Systems

Earth Systems provides the chemical/petrochemical industry with technical services for site assessment, remediation, compliance monitoring and property redevelopment. We develop creative, cost-effective strategies that exploit the latest proven technologies and regulatory flexibility to minimize costs and long-term risk. Our scientists and project manager’s average over 20 years experience remediating soil and groundwater impacted with chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons.
Experience indicates that decontamination of soil and groundwater is often not feasible because of the technical limitations imposed by natural subsurface conditions and contaminant properties (especially DNAPL) and/or the high costs involved. Fortunately, the risk based corrective action (RBCA) process focuses on the goal of protecting human health and the environment rather than the goal of achieving a contaminant-free site. A key to Earth Systems’ effective use of risk assessment is keeping open communications with regulators. Earth Systems works with regulators for rational, scientific, and cost effective management of contaminated soil and groundwater.